At the heart of our production are modern CNC tool grinding machines. Production facilities are based in clean conditions at constant temperatures, necessary for the production of extremely precise instrument. Operations are also exceedingly quiet thanks to central extraction and filtration of the cooling oil placed in a separate engine room. Each newly-produced or re-ground tool has its own “birth certificate” – a detailed record of information about its production recorded in bar-code form. We have a wide variety of machines to meet the individual needs of all our customers.

Walter CNC grinders
Helitronic Power and Micro

  • serial tool production ∅ 0,1 - 12 mm
  • offering the possibility of sharpening worn-out tools made of carbide and high-speed steel
  • complete programme packages for most of existing cutting geometry
  • the possibility to produce cylindrical and tapered shanks, socked and disk cutters

Reinecker CNC grinders
WZS 60, WZS 70 and WZS 700

  • the latest machines for the production of tools which require a high degree of accuracy
  • a complete programme equipment to cover all required geometry
  • the automatic exchange of grinding wheels and the workplace in serial production
  • the ability of sharpening very long drills up to 40xD,
    with a maximum working length of 420 mm

TTB Evolution CNC grinders

  • extremely precise machines for the production of micro and small tools
    with diameter 0,2 – 14 mm
  • suitable for customised and serial production
  • production of long micro tools

Automated tool production 

CNC round grinders
Reinecker RS 700 and SF 40

  • a highly productive machines for round grinding of solid carbide rods
  • clamping one-side or between two points and with lunette support
  • offering accuracy to 2 µm, and the ability to create an extremely smooth surface

Machining Centre
HERMLE C22 and C12

  • 5-axis machining centres for production of precision smaller dimension products
  • production of cutting tools with carbide indexable inserts 
  • Precision machining cooperation
  • max. dimensions of products Ø 450 x 370 mm in 5 axis, 450 x 600 x 300 mm in 3 axis 
  • max. 30 000 revolutions per minute

Zoller, BMD, Megatool,
Z-MIKE and GFM measuring

  • a combination of optical and touch methods with 3D-scanners to verify complete tool geometry
  • measurement of shape tools with the option to print the measurement protocol
  • cutting edge microgeometry measurement

Other peripheral equipment

  • automated cutting of solid carbide rods
  • dressing and balancing of grinding wheels
  • central filtration and cooling of the grinding oil
  • stream finishing and polishing of cutting edge
  • erosion of cooling channels