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PILANA Karbid s.r.o.


PILANA company is a traditional Czech cutting-tool manufacturer. Tool production in Hulín was launched in 1934 by Mr. Studeník, who started producing hand saws and circular saw blades. The production programme has been gradually enriched with TCT saw blades, band saw blade, machine knives and metal cutting tools. Nowadays, the PILANA brand is used by a group of independent companies producing tool for wood and metal industrial machining with an annual turnover exceeding 60 million €.
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PILANA Karbid s.r.o.

PILANA Karbid was established in 2011. We concentrate on the production and service of rotary tools for efficient metal machining. To achieve the highest precision, we use the most up-to-date technology, top-quality materials and surface treatments. Choose from our wide range of services to meet your technical requirements.

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