PILANA Carbide celebrates 10 years!

We invite you to an open day, come and see us.

PILANA KARBID invites all interested persons from Hulin and its surroundings to visit the company on the occasion
of its 10th anniversary.

The company is located in the Pilana premises in Hulin, where it produces technologically advanced carbide tools in
a new and modern machine plant. The Pilana Karbid building, completed in 2019, was awarded the Czech Architecture Award 2020.

An open day will be held at the company's premises on Friday, 10 of September 2021 from 11am to 5pm.

Regular guided tours will take place throughout the day - you will see the production and administrative spaces and walk on the green roof of the building. Light refreshments provided.

Come and see one of the most interesting companies in Hulin!