In 2023, we have significantly expanded our portfolio of threading tools by adding carbide machine taps to our range. These precision tools are primarily used in the mass production of machined parts and enable demanding customers to significantly reduce production times, lower unit costs, increase machining productivity and thereby gain a competitive advantage.

Carbide machine taps are available with both helix and straight flutes. They are equipped with internal cooling, with outlets in each tool flute. We currently supply taps in a range of sizes from M4 upwards.

Overview of threading tools

  • solid carbide machine taps with straight flutes
    (especially for through holes)
  • solid carbide machine taps with helix
    (for blind holes)
  • solid carbide thread end mills for ISO metric threads
    (part of the catalogue range - in the catalogue on page 35)
  • solid carbide thread end mills for other thread types
  • solid carbide combined tools for drilling, threading and edge beveling
  • modifications of cutting inserts for thread production