Indexable cutter bodies for screw-in inserts
Modular cutting tools

We produce to order indexable cutting bodies for replaceable inserts.

Based on the customer's needs, we will prepare a design solution as well as 2D and 3D documentation. The technological solution covers the tool for screw-in inserts according to the client's specifications and also the recommended cutting parameters.

Technical functional limits:

  • maximum diameter of cylindrical shank 40 mm
  • tapered shank option for HSK, ISO clamping systems (other clamping systems by agreement)
  • maximum tool unloading length from the toolholder 200 mm

1. Cutter bodies


  • shank, socket and disc milling tools
  • milling tools with internal cooling
  • combined milling tools
  • tool cartridges

Drilling & Boring

  • drills with screw-in inserts in 2D and 3D lengths
  • boring step tools
  • drills and countersinks with internal cooling
  • drills and countersinks fitted with adjustable cartridges
  • combined screw-in inserts tools
  • special combined tools

2. Modular tools with solid carbide cutting heads