Hole machining

We produce special tools for hole machining on request.

In this way, we are able to solve customer problems when it is not possible to use catalogue tools for a given application or when it is appropriate to combine several operations in order to reduce production times. Simply provide a drawing of the workpiece and our engineering office will design customized tools for you.

Technical functional limits:

  • minimum tool diameter 0.2 mm
  • maximum diameter of cylindrical shank 40 mm
  • maximum tool unloading length from the chuck 350 mm

Drilling & Boring

  • micro drills
  • step drills
  • shape drills
  • drills for hardened material
  • spot drill bits
  • pilot drills
  • flat lance drills
  • single-edged drills
  • drills for deep holes
  • combined and multi-purpose tools

Core drilling and reaming

  • machine reamers
  • drill reamers
  • step reamers
  • taper reamers
  • shape reamers
  • reamers with guide


  • tapered countersinks
  • edge chamfers
  • stepped countersinks
  • shaped countersinks
  • reverse countersinks
  • combined tools